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5 To Do's For Your Social Media Marketing Plan


Social media marketing plan.

So Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus are all the buzz in small business circles. You feel a little left out and want to get a piece of the pie for your small business. Where do you start, and so-called overnight social media experts are popping up everywhere to offer advice. Before you blindly accept mediocre advice, here are 5 things to remember for your social media business marketing plan.


1. Social media isn't the latest marketing fad. It's easy to get trapped in the craze and hype surrounding the benefits of social networks for business, but realize that the online marketing landscape has drastically changed from simple email blasts, newsletters, and direct marketing. Social media is the most effective way to reach your audience now, and the biggest of the social networks Facebook and Google Plus are revamping their platforms to cater to businesses like never before. Get in line and establish your small business presence very early to build up followers, fans, and fellow business owners in your social circle. Refuse to establish your new business presence in social media and you might eventually head the way of the dinosaurs.


2. Build Quality not Quantity of Followers - It's so easy to fall into the trap of accepting anybody that sends you a friends or follower request, but does it make sense to network to a crowd of just anybody? Absolutely not. In real life you wouldn't put up a billboard to attract beer drinkers if you want to attract fine wine customers. As you make the rounds between Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter, you'll be bombarded by people from every industry who have nothing in common with your niche. You don't have to accept them. In fact it's in your best interest not to. Find your "like minded" companies and entrepreneurs and build your following and social marketing around them.


3. Aim to turn followers into your regular business site users - What's the point of building quality amount of social media followers if you can't convince them to use your website, products, or services. As in any situation the 80/20 rule applies here. If social media is your main channel of marketing, a good 20 percent of external fans and followers will eventually make up 80 percent of your loyal site users. For that to happen you must first position yourself as an expert in your niche. Experts are more trusted and followed wherever they go. Your experience and credentials must match your claim to expertise. People follow and trust me for business advice, because I've run small businesses for over 10 years. I do speaking engagements, and build free online business marketing tools (Here's my public profile across all social media, blogs, and forums). Engage with your followers, relate to them by letting them know who you are. Offer sensible answers, and provide help. Your conversion rate from networking friends to loyal website users will be much greater.


4. Never pay for building social media friends and followers - Business owners new to the game of social media can be tempted to use so-called "social media experts" who guarantee thousands of followers and networking friends instantly for a price. Don't be duped into this, most of these people pop up overnight looking for a quick buck. Just because someone has a lot of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and Google Plus followers doesn't make them an expert. Besides social media is free, you should never specifically pay to get friends and followers only, except in situations where you pay for an SEO campaign which automatically includes social media marketing. Remember social media serves as a means to promote your business's external branding. You can't use it as a metric for measuring your marketing success. 100,000 external followers doesn't signal successful marketing, your number of regular business website users and customers do.


5. Business Relationships Matter - Just like building an email list, sending out monthly newsletters, and thank you cards, social media is about building relationships. The tools are made for the simplest person to understand and use. However you must never neglect to keep the human interaction in your campaign Another article I wrote on list building relationships goes more indepth.  After you build online business relationships, stay in touch with those people through one-on-one postings and emails. Also use social video channels to let them see and hear you in action as opposed to static posts and emails alone. The core concept of marketing still hasn't changed, it's always about the people. With common sense and dedication, social media will definitely help you reach your marketing campaign goals.


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  • Guest
    Scott Friday, 29 July 2011

    The people all over Twitter get carried away with the follower thing. Ask most of them how many of their 40 thousand followers actually buy anything from them or visit their websites and they won't have an astonishing number. The reason is because they're just racking up numbers of unimportant people who are not in their target audience. That's not smart marketing and a big waste of time to me.

  • Guest
    Eddie Friday, 29 July 2011

    It's one big gold rush in social media nowadays and everyone's rushing to stake their claim. Look at Google Plus. Businesses are just clammering to get their brands set up so fast hey can't even wait for the official business version of the social network. SO Google gives them a rude awakening and erased their fake business profiles. I'm not mad at that, but Google was right to do that. If you're going to market your business using social media it only makes sense to market where brands are accepted and where your target audience will be.

  • Guest
    Brendon Friday, 29 July 2011

    My following and fan base is pretty strong across Twitter and Facebook, but I must agree that most of them aren't converting into regular site users. I want them to, but it takes a little more work to get them to come over for a visit. My bounce rate on my site is pretty hi and I really need to figure out how to improve that. So right now when I do get referral visits from Twitter, Facebook and hopefully Google Plus, my goal is to get them to stay long enough to sign up or use my service. Still trying to figure out how to do that.

  • Guest
    Veronica L. Sunday, 31 July 2011

    Wade I thank you for providing this great information. I stumbled across your site as I was going through Twitter networking with other small business owners and entrepreneurs. I especially like that the information is so straight forward and simple to understand. I'm in full swing with my social media business campaign but it really takes such a toll on me because of the many hours that has to be spent doing it. I was actually gonna pay someone to do it for me and then I came across this posts advising against such a thing. Thank you very much, this site has a wealth of information for doing small business marketing. Thanks again.

  • Guest
    KikScore Monday, 01 August 2011

    Great advice Wade. Social media marketing is definitely here to stay and it is important to focus on gaining followers who are like-minded. Another useful tool in terms of Twitter is TweetDeck, which is a great way to track key terms about your industry and leads. We recently used this to do a guest appearance with several businesses/entrepreneurs, which was a great way to get ourselves out there.

  • Guest
    Sander Tuesday, 02 August 2011

    I use TweetDeck all the time, and I can definite say it's a cool third party app. I mostly use it for submitting updates to my Twitter feed. Social media is moving so fast that you pretty much have to have tools that can get your info up there on the go or on the fly. This has the mobile advantage. There are others out there just as good as this service too, but it just so happened this is the one I first started using and it stuck.

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