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6 Great Startup Business Ideas

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Many great startup business ideas require little money to get started, and startup resources are easily found online.

 Great startup business ideas don't have to be original or unique concepts, but simply popular ideas that work with the right business motivation, timing, economic climate, and location. Here are six startup business ideas that are very hot.


Event Planning Service – We've heard this one mentioned before but have you actually tried it? Chances are you haven't. There's a reason they make so many movies about event planners. It's a classy business and can be very lucrative once you network and amass a respectable client list. If your passion or hobby is bringing people together to have a good time, (Weddings, business networking, reunions, etc) this is a great idea for a startup business. Like many startup businesses, you can run an event planning service right out of your home reducing business overhead.


Personal Shopping Assistant - Many wealthy or physically disabled people welcome someone else doing there shopping for them. That's where a personal shopper become useful. You can easily start your own personal shopping service with relatively low startup cost by advertising to the right clients in the right locations. Personal shopping is a small niche with potential for profit building. Very upscale and wealthy individuals employ this service quite often since they might not have time to do it themselves. You'd be wise to target affluent locations to fully maximize your opportunities to build a client list. If you enjoy shopping this is perfect for you since it wouldn't really feel like work.


Notary Public Service - A notary public witnesses the signing of certain legal documents and verifies their authenticity. To be honest, a notary public service can be a great idea any year so why just settle for one year. It's worth mentioning that it became very prevalent in 2011 because so many events happened as a result of the Great Recession prompting the witnessing of legal documents being signed. There was an increase in divorce, many real estate deals and foreclosures had been mishandled by banks and brokers, and many new business partnerships were forged from the idea boom of the recession. Notaries are always in demand. The requirements are very simple, you take the notary exam administered by your particular state. You only have the authority to notarize in the state where you were certified. Marketing is also quite simple for notary publics. You register your name and business on popular online notary public directories where clients will easily find you.


Small Business Virtual Assistant – Not every job is being outsourced overseas. Many profitable and active businesses like to outsource daily recurring task that an in-house administrative assistant might not have time to handle. A small business virtual assistant service is a great home based business idea if you have time flexibility. Many stay-at-home moms or unemployed individuals find this to be an ideal service to startup. What's great is that you can provide this service for multiple small businesses and avoid the risk of losing cash flow if one business decides to terminate their business with you.


Garage Sale Broker - We've mentioned this one before but never went into detail about it. Many people use as many outlets as possible to sell used or refurbished products. A garage sale is a great way to do this, but not everyone want the responsibility of holding managing numerous garage sales. If you have ample outdoor space available, you can act as a garage sale broker or middle person. By conducting frequent garage sales for other people on your home property, you can collect a percentage of whatever items they sell.


Accounting Services – There's an explosion in new businesses and ideas, once again mostly due to the bad economic climate. Bad economies are nurseries for startups and where there's many new businesses there's a greater need for outsourced accounting and bookkeeping. Most new businesses are formed in populated areas so establishing an accounting presence nearby would be ideal. Most new small businesses won't need a full-time accountant but having multiple business clients can easily make up for that.


These other articles discuss more business ideas you might find both convenient and profitable with a little business planning and great marketing.of course.



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  • Guest
    pat chelovsky Friday, 22 July 2011

    I don't know why I didn'y think of a simple thing as using my space to help people do garage sales. Unfortunately many of the houses in my immediate neighborhood are being foreclosed. It's a once booming neighborhood in California but got hit hard by the housing market downturn. Many of my neighbors are liquidating stuff before their house totally get foreclosed on and have requested help in getting extra space to display stuff for sale. I do mean many. There are still quite a few trying to get rid of items and I 'm thinking about offering my space up to them to sell these things. A small percentage of sales could definitely do me good to cover extra bills.

  • Guest
    rafael vicenti Saturday, 23 July 2011

    I'm thinking of opening up a pawn shop. I thought about it when I read here about renting out your yard space for garage sales. Not only would I do that, I'd also setup a small pawn shop to handle all that stuff people seem to be getting rid of because of the bad economy. They selling a lot of stuff they would never normally sell and they're taking lower amounts for them.

  • Guest
    Monica Bealis Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    We're halfway through 2011 but I still hadn't come across a profitable business idea that I personally would enjoy doing. I'm one of those people who just can't do something just because it makes money. I have to enjoy what I do or I won't last very long doing it. Two of the ideas listed here sort of appeal to me. I wouldn't mind trying the Garage Sale broker thing, as I have the space and time and people in my neighborhood are always selling some really nice things. I love working from home whether for myself or someone else so the Small business virtual assistant thing might actually work for me. Well makes no sense sitting around and talking or typing, I'm gonna get on this and see what happens.

  • Guest
    Troy Wednesday, 28 September 2011

    I've gotten so fed up with job hunting that I'm trying my hand at doing my own business. I know 2011 is almost over but I'm not simply gunning to start something to be a success in 2011. I know it's gonna take longer than that just to get my idea to together, form a business, and start getting my brand name and service out there. If I can promote myself doing something profitable from home, I'm quite comfortable with that. I like the idea of a virtual assistant. I'm searching and contacting compoanies that might have work to outsource in the social media marketing area. That's getting pretty big right now and most companies don't have a dedicated professional consultant to fill that need so I'm gonna make my services available. Maybe others can give this idea a try too.

  • Guest
    Mannor2K Thursday, 29 September 2011

    That's it, I've been sitting on money right here in front of my eyes and didn't realize it. My home has so much outdoor space I don't know what to do with it. I've noticed a lot of people holding garage sales and they're filled to the brim running out of space to do it. Looks like I could have make a good supplemental income in the near future. Thanks for bringing this to my attention guy.

  • Guest
    Candice-in-Aspen Thursday, 29 September 2011

    Event planning takes time and dedication, having good attention to details, great organization skills, and a bit of creativity. I started my service back in 2008 just when the recession started to hit everyone and I must say, if you're in the right location like I was lucky to be, you can bring in very good money from the clients you acquire. Of course it pays much more and you have greater success if your clients have many things going on and whether they fall in an upper income bracket. Good luck to anyone who wants to pursue Event Planning, I truly think it's a great area to specialize in.

  • Guest
    CliveMcCullum Thursday, 29 September 2011

    The great part about most of the business ideas listed here is that they require so little start-up capital, almost next to nothing and much of it can be done from home eliminating costly overhead. Good post. I've actually recommended some of these ideas to friends who been willing to try them and some are in the process and others are getting ready to try their hand at their new found start-up business venture.

  • Angie Riverton
    Angie Riverton Thursday, 29 September 2011

    Event planning is very popular among many women. My friend and I have even given it a shot but ended up abandoning it not because it wasn't profitable or promising but because we didn't mesh well as business partners. It was a learning experience for both of us at such young ages, but I still have my eye set on doing it in the future as the sole person managing the biz with others helping me.

  • erookie
    erookie Wednesday, 05 October 2011

    Don't forget that environmentally friendly and green businesses will be the next big boom in corporate America regardless of what many say. Forming a green and sustainable business will be a great way to end 2011 and carry into the coming years.

  • Guest
    Burrell Hawkins Wednesday, 15 February 2012

    This list of unique business ideas focus on some fields that are emerging as very popular to many who no longer solely want to rely on the old model of opening an office, paying office space rent, and waiting hand and foot on incoming customers. It's a big plus that these ideas involve things that can be run from a home space. Very ideal for moms who want to work from home and spend more time with kids, or people who just don't mesh or function well in an office environment full of people with conflicting personalities.

  • evan Wilkins
    evan Wilkins Monday, 07 May 2012

    Startups on a shoestring are hard to find. Most the BS I've seen of late are the latest gimmick and the next shinny toy on the tree. way over it. My cousin told me about Instant App Wizard reseller program he is doing well with it. It looks good to me. just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on it as a startup business. Seems like it could be easy to start but getting out and selling mbile apps to local area businesses is not my cup of tea. If I could do this online I think I would go for it.

  • Mr Obamamatics
    Mr Obamamatics Monday, 07 May 2012

    Hmm mobile apps? You'd definitely have to hit up the more tech friendly and knowledgeable local business owners. Many of them are old school still struggling with email. Local startups would be a good option, they not only do business offline but online also.

  • Paulos
    Paulos Tuesday, 21 August 2012

    I was excited to read about what other people are doing to earn a living. Great site!

  • Guest
    Paulos Tuesday, 21 August 2012

    I would like to get comments from other users of this site.

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