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Being a Bitch in Business

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Aggressive strong business woman

If I were a different person and flexed my inner b*@#h would I be more successful than I am today? Many women who have climbed corporate ladders have had to fight the good fight to get where they are but have been deemed the b*@#h in the office because of their hardcore strategy. But when you start your own company and have to fight for recognition in your niche do you have to take on this label?


This question goes back to our definition of leadership and the different variables at play. First there is the woman who works for someone else and has to compete with others in the company to obtain a higher position. Second there is the woman who has started her own company and has to compete with other business owners. So either your at the top of the ladder or at the bottom of the ladder in the business world.


Leaders possess different qualities in different quantities that make them successful in different ways (what a tongue twister). As a woman living in a capitalist society driven by masculinity does being a b*@#h mean that you are a leader? My answer is NO. Women that assume this term are controlled in a corporate environment and if you feel you must be a b*@#h it means you cannot control your environment, you must assume a negative role. And as a sensei once told my son, "those who cannot control themselves are destined to be controlled by others."


Leadership is about being assertive and being able to communicate in a positive way that will encourage cooperation. If you own your own company you have no one else to answer to but yourself. You delegate tasks to your employees to make your company successful and have to be assertive and matter of fact to get the job done but there is no room for a b*@#h in leadership. Have a pleasant and open demeanor is important to your success. If you know how to communicate with others then others will want to work with you. You want your employees to work with you (although they are technically working for you) because their cooperation and happiness in their position is important to your success.


So I think being a b*@#h in business is a cop out. Don't allow society to control you. Make your own path and do it being the best leader you can be.

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    Julianne Tuesday, 27 September 2011

    You got a great point here. Too many women in business have fallen for the trap of trying to be the "HBIC" as they move up the ladder in business when in fact they simply need to play it smart, be aggressive, stick to their decisions, and not be afraid of what their male counterparts will say. Theirs no need to become the mean bitch. For those women especially just launching a new business, you want to build relationships, not enemies from the get go. The female charm goes a long way in running a business. It's generally easier to break the ice with new customers because they generally perceive you as less intrusive and more trustworthy versus a man doing the same thing, this is not an opinion it's a proven fact.

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    Mondez Durden Thursday, 29 September 2011

    This was a wonderful read. Thanks. I have female friends who struggle with their inner selves about striking that balance.

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  • Priya Nembhard
    Priya Nembhard Thursday, 29 September 2011

    You're so welcome Mondez and I hope your friends can find it useful as well. They should not have to define themselves by what the corporate environment expect working women to be like. Our leadership is what we decide it is as we grow in business, not what others tell us to be, otherwise we would simply be puppets. Thanks so much for your support on Erookie. BTW I notice on your website that you're a Clairvoyant and small business consultant, just curious as to what you might see for Entrepreneurrookie in the future. :D

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