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building mobile website for your online business

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred way to access the web. This recently prompted me to build a well optimized business website for Erookie smartphone and tablet users. About half our regular visitors are on mobile devices so it only made sense. 


Many entrepreneurs have ideas and build great products on those ideas, but very few have the experience and fortitude to sell that product. Great sales opportunities are lost because the founder is a weak seller or their salesperson botched those opportunities, resulting in the company failing within a few years or suffering massive revenue lost.



Celebrate and market your startup business milestones

There's reason to celebrate when your startup business achieve certain milestones. For example: first, fifth, and 10 year anniversaries, landing your first major client, or reaching 1000 registered site users and subscribers. Even a great new business tool, or revamped brand website are reasons businesses celebrate. 


Top of mind awareness

It's not easy becoming the most recognized brand in your industry especially when you have big competitors to deal with. When consumers hear mention of categories, specific brands automatically come to mind. Those brands have created top of mind awareness in consumers.


There's the long list of everyone you want to support you, and then there's the short list of friends and brand loyalists you can really depend on to deliver when it really counts. It's The Law of the Vital Few, a principle that can be applied to countless situations and is especially true in marketing. 80 percent of your product sales or site subscriber base come from 20% of your clients or site visitors.

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