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Why Social Blogging Is Great For External Branding


Social blogging for external branding

Most online marketers know that to spread word about their business brand requires major social media presence. The battle to become king of social is getting intense between giants Google and Facebook, so they're pulling out all the stops to win your attention. The tools are there, but what are you doing to use those tools to your advantage? The moment's ripe to start social blogging and social commenting to get your brand noticed. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of social blogging and commenting:


Position yourself as an expert and Increase your Likeability Call it attention mongering for business but if you're not social commenting or blogging, you're getting lost in your niche crowd. Your competitors are well aware that whoever announce themselves everywhere all the time gets the attention, and whoever can turn comments and posts into massive Shares, Likes, and Plus Ones will reign supreme in their niche. Google states that your ranking and visibility in search engines greatly depend on your social authority and online influence. It's how shareable and likeable your social media comments, posts, articles, and images are.


Many small business owners do social commenting and blogging but not with the volume and frequency they should do it, and not with the quality they should put into it. I've observed typical promos from business owners going something like this: Check out for whatever great thing I'm selling. That's a very low quality non-helpful way to promote your brand with zero intention to help anyone. Your target audience simply skim and move on to something more engaging and human interactive. "Social" is not "social" unless there's mutual human interaction. Your potential users prefer to be helped not subjected to one way posts and comments.


Get noticed but not for the wrong information Your ability to help that person will immediately put you one-up on the trust pedestal and boost your brand recognition. Try to be the loudest mouth in the online social crowd but with the most useful comments. Spammers are notorious for being loud and present but NEVER helpful or useful. If you post or blog often with irrelevant information, you'll be labeled a spammer very quickly. However, actually posting relevant responses and information to answers users are looking for generally give you the "I know that guy" stamp of approval.


You think your business presence online is big, but it's never Big Enough! Your competitor is constantly working to get more attention than you. Your brand can easily get diminished if you don't keep it fresh in people's minds. Specifically your external branding efforts have a dramatic impact on whether your startup business eventually reach Coke and Pepsi level of brand recognition. To get from the D-List to the A-List of brand marketing, use the free tools in social networking to propel your brand into stardom.


Allow your niche to relate to you by sharing experiences Social commenting through popular niche related blogs, community forums, and social networks build your credibility once you establish your self as a helpful expert. In addition to the back links you receive from sites you comment or blog on, other members will link back to you from their own websites if they find you helpful. They'll trust you even more if they can relate to you. Comment about your experiences and successes in your field to create a sense of how to get where you are. Expect the virtual hand in the face if you continuously ask users to buy or use products if you can't help them with their own marketing roadblocks. They'll naturally gravitate to your brand if they see you make an effort to help them reach your level. All things attached to your reputation rise in value once you established yourself as a trustworthy and helpful social commentor, but it takes time.


Make a sincere effort to put out information that helps, inform, and engage, and your brand and website will see increased interest. Answer sites do very well using the "help you" formula. When someone wants an answer, they type a question, and are guaranteed an answer. This is your opportunity as an online marketer to brand yourself as the go-to person for help. Commenting and blogging on reputable sites in your niche does just that.


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  • Guest
    Valesh Chandra Saturday, 23 July 2011

    I do a lot of guest blogging and it has really helped me to bring in new traffic and loyal users to my site. It's all about developing a relation and letting people get to know you. It's ten times easier to tell someone about your website or business after they've already spoken to you through various forums and blogs, or have gotten help and advice from you. This proves to them that you're not there to spam them, milk them for a quick linkback, or get them to buy something and never speak to them again. It's all about trust towards your brand.

  • Guest
    artie mcfarlin Sunday, 24 July 2011

    Hardcore social blogging has it's benefits, but I'd try to focus even more on establishing and building my social authority through my presence on big social media. Google seem to be gearing much of their ranking on how well you're doing there, with likes, and tweets, and now plus ones. It's gonna be interesting to see how it all plays out a year from now with the rankings.

  • Guest
    Alison Sunday, 24 July 2011

    I love posting on forums. The community feedback you get is very important in building your personal reputation and business brand. The more you post the more people recognize you and will deal with you. You'll also gain valuable linkbacks to your website if you help answer questions very often.

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