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Facebook Brand Pages Challenge Google Plus Brand Pages


[Facebook brand page and Google Plus brand page.

In a clear attempt to retaliate against the much hyped about and upcoming Google Plus for Business, Facebook just launched a preemptive strike to keep its grip on the market by launching Facebook for Business. Let the business social networking games begin!!


Mark Zuckerberg and company have not been shy about their displeasure with Google's attempt to muscle its way into the social networking sphere. In fact Zuckerberg himself executed a classic strategy right fromThe Art of War to keep his enemy close by joining Google Plus and becoming one of it's most followed members. Now it seems the ball is in Google's court. Businesses have inundated Google with request and a desire to see Google Plus for Business launch much sooner than Google's scheduled date. Those businesses which made an effort to use their personal profiles as business brand profiles saw their hard work and followers all deleted to their displeasure (In Depth: Google deletes Google Plus personal profiles used as brand profiles). Nevertheless, they remain loyal to Google because the company has proven that it has the ability to make or break many brands. A big push from Google Plus for Business is guaranteed to get small businesses an even bigger exposure to their target market with every Google service under one roof.


Facebook had not publicized the announcement as it previously did with its much over-hyped announcement about a partnership with Microsoft and Skype to bring video chat to its social platform. That press conferences was seen as a huge failure because the majority of users had seen that feature as a not so big deal. It was already a feature Goggle had rolled out to it's users through it's other services such as Gmail.


It appears Facebook has learned quickly from that PR blunder and revised it's strategy with this surprise announcement and business service feature. For once Facebook is forced to listen to it's brand users and contributors as many brands had limited features on the Facebook platform for creating business pages.


Now it's inevitable Google will make haste to keep it's long standing grip on the advertising market, by launching Google Plus for Business much sooner than previously announced. Get in line small businesses, the real social networking war to win your heart and pockets has officially begun!


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  • Guest
    Janet Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    Already they're at it? They're not wasting any time. Although I think Google will do a much better job at rolling out something spectacular for businesses on Google Plus. They just have a good history of providing useful tools for businesses so My money is on Google right now, but it'll be interesting to see if Facebook will the business interest it now craves after. Finally something besides that waste of time couch potato Farmville game.

  • Guest
    Mitch Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    Google better hurry up. I know they want to make this thing exactly what every business wants but they can't take too long. The early bird gets the worm and Facebook is trying to capitalize on that wait, especially after they've seen the ridiculous demand for Google plus and Google Plus Business.

  • Guest
    Carrole E. Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    Now this is gonna be one all out fight to the finish. I think Google will be top dog though. Facebook has seriously PO'ed many users for how it's handled their requests and demands in the past. They have a history of not listening to users and just rolling stuff out regardless whether we like it or not without so much as our valuable input.

  • Guest
    Albert909 Tuesday, 26 July 2011

    Don't ever count Google out of anything. They know how to survive. Facebook has never had a major competitive threat as what it's seeing from Google Plus. I don't own a business but I would like to very soon and I'll be on both social networking sites promoting hat business once it gets off the ground.

  • Guest
    Ronny Wednesday, 27 July 2011

    Facebook is gonna get it's A$$ kicked and I'll be so happy when it does. I'm sick of hearing about Mark Zuckerberg racking up new billions like every six months. it's freaking ridiculous. in January 2011 I hear he's worth 7 billion dollars and suddenly Goldman Sachs makes an investment and says FB is valued at 50 billion dollars or more and then Zuckerberg is worth 13 billion dollars twice what he was six months before. It just makes no sense. Google please muzzle this out of control dog called Facebook. All it's good for is getting people addicted to Farmville and wasting time.

  • Guest
    Stephen Thursday, 28 July 2011

    Is anyone surprised at this at all? I'm not. There's a big battle brewing, in fact it's already started. We're gonna see both big social networks pulling out all the stops to cater in a much newer and better way to businesses. That's good news for us business owners. Facebook would previously put out an update or new feature to it's platform without so much as asking the users if they like it. Remember when they totally just launched a completely new redesign and never even allowed users to vote on it. When tons of users objected and rejected it, they deployed it anyway. That's not good customer service. Remember when we were begging for the ability to change our usernames to something better. It took them forever to do that. And what about when so many people who originally setup their personal profile as their business page needed to convert it to an official business page? Facebook ignored them and took like two years to give them the ability to do so. If there was a viable alternative social network that would never happen.

    Competition is here and we're the ones who will benefit from it. To heck with one big social website, bring on the competitor.

  • Guest
    WallBeans Thursday, 18 August 2011

    I have a feeling Google will be the bigger winner in the long run. They've had enough time to assess the social media landscape to see where they've made their mistakes and see what others are doing to be successful at it. This time they are seriously taking out all the stops and Facebook must definitely be shivering right now thinking about what Google plus will become in a year or two from now.

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