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KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid for Business Customers

You know how they say don't mix business with pleasure? Well they're right, it gets way too personal and messy when the two meet. However there's one recurring exception where you should roll out the welcome mat and KISS in business.


I'm not talking about the lip-locking kind, but rather the communication kind referred to as KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). If you're a regular Erookie reader you already know I like to speak in simple terms. I detest long drawn out articles that read like something from a chemistry book. Who am I speaking to? I speak to budding entrepreneurs, new small business owners, and plain curious lurkers who have an interest in business. If I write in alien you'll be turned off. Likewise If I speak to my clients like something out of Star Trek they'll melt in confusion and irritation.


For as long as I can remember, I've dealt with few clients keen to technology changes and terminologies. The majority simply had a marketing plan and wanted me to visually execute it by pushing the "DO IT" button. I've learned from blank stares and dumb-founded comments not to waste time with unnecessary technical talk, instead I KISS them (Keep It Simple Stupid). 


Here's an example of what I mean. I meet a client, they want a new website, logo, marketing campaign, whatever!! I have a great idea and direction in my head and they have theirs. I discuss the best alternative using an easy to understand phrase such as "let's merge the best part of our ideas to make this work." I could have exploded my client's brain with an off the wall comment like "Let's see how the ideas correlate to marketing success and cancantenate the most logical parts." I'm sure they'd appreciate I didn't say that because it just sounds stupid, elitist, and pompous.


Part of successful startup business and marketing is all about conveying your message with the least effort. Leave the big words for the spelling bee, take it down a notch and enjoy a sweet KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) when speaking to clients or network connections. I'm sure they'll appreciate it. 


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