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Your startup business location and address breeds trust or not

How often do you do business with new companies in places you've never heard of? You probably have indirectly once or twice, but most likely you knowingly wouldn't. It's that trust and credibility thing. Most startups are born and operated from the founders' home or garage. Few have the budget for an actual office space location with a legitimate mailing address that's not an obscure PO Box.


building mobile website for your online business

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred way to access the web. This recently prompted me to build a well optimized business website for Erookie smartphone and tablet users. About half our regular visitors are on mobile devices so it only made sense. 


Many entrepreneurs have ideas and build great products on those ideas, but very few have the experience and fortitude to sell that product. Great sales opportunities are lost because the founder is a weak seller or their salesperson botched those opportunities, resulting in the company failing within a few years or suffering massive revenue lost.


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