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Local business competitors

I live in Miami and down here we have a serious problem in Everglades National Park. Giant invasive pythons have setup shop on the American Alligator's' swampy turf. To make it worst, the giant non-native monitor lizard just joined the party. He's an egg eator who doesn't discriminate, so both gator and python eggs are on the menu. What's a gator to do with stiff competition like that? Well, fight or die.


Exercise excrete toxins from your body for better business decision making.

Just recently a light bulb went off in my head. Something that should have dawned on me years ago when I was lifting in high school…staying consistently healthy improves your approach to the world. I’m not saying to be a health nut but to be consistantly health conscious. Once you are more health conscious life improves drastically. Our mind, body, relationships, spirit, work and thoughts improve.


Priya Nembhard - 2012 ING Marathon in Miami Florida

Holy spacenuts!! Priya Nembhard's been called a lot of things, author, Guyana queen, Orangewoman, mom in business, WAHM (work at home mom). Let's add Marathon Chick and astronaut while we're at it. Just check her social circles, it's pretty funny what friends actually think she does as a mom and business owner. Those speculations gave birth to that humorous graphic below. One twitter fan called it "how cute."

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