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Twitter pay-per-follow advertising program.

The micro-blogging social network Twitter turned five years old on March 21 2011. It boasts an eye popping 200 million registered users a main ingredient for generating profits and revenue for any online business. With that in mind it's important to know that Twitter is now ramping up it's business objective to sell advertising in mass quantities following the heels of big internet movers like Google and Facebook. Many new and established businesses use Adwords to push unknown products and services to their target audiences and many have seen profitable returns. The question is, can advertising your start-up business on Twitter accomplish the same thing?


Erookie is startup business help and ideas. is on a mission to register 1 million entrepreneurs and members in 2011. We have fully mobilized to bring this free service to all entrepreneurs and the business curious who desire to get their skills, businesses,  products, and services to internet users and communities.


Twitter SEO Social Authority.

There's no doubt about it, Search engines now factor in Good expert tweets as a ranking signal when placing your website in the search results. Frequent two way engagement with followers and brands on the Twitter does wonders to increase your search rank.

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