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Why So Serious Batman? No Room for Tight Ass Bosses in Startups


Mean and serious bosses

Why not? Who said the boss had to be a tight ass. Although the current economy has made it an employer’s market, if you are a true entrepreneur or leader you define your own gig. The best way of keeping everyone happy is to bring some humor and laughter into the work place. I don’t mean making it April fools everyday but think about surrounding your employees with humorous things and opportunities to laugh the stress away.


A great example of a company that succeeds at having a fun work place environment is Google. People who work for Google enjoy their job because of all the little perks: toys in the office space, rock band in the lounges and a comfortable place to nap during the day….not to mention being able to work outside of the office with flexibility. Employees are still held accountable but when your employee enjoys their work environment they perform better. So why not spice up your company without breaking the bank?


Here are some low budget ways of adding fun into your work environment:


Color: literally with crayons and on the walls. Adding bright colors to the work environment will keep your employees alert but what if you had coloring books, crayons, markers, sketch pads, magnet doodles, easel boards, etc., etc.? Art relieves stress, excites the mind in a positive way and reminds you of being a child again.


Electronics: okay maybe not that budget friendly but you can recycle old Nintendo and PlayStations by bringing them to the lounge or office areas. Even splurging on the Rock Band set and having employee competitions to see who the best at the game is and giving that person their favorite fast food for lunch.


Music: have drum sets, guitars, or a stereo system that blurts out your favorite lunch mash up from the radio. Forget the elevator music! Play some salsa, rap or punk metal. Don’t over do it and don’t play songs that curse every other line. Have fun and cut loose in the office.


Office fun days: race down the hall on tricycles, pogo sticks, or in wagons. Or take the office to the beach one day or park. Discuss work there and break out for some fun!


Laughter: play the current funny movie and have a movie break once a week with popcorn and slushes. Decorate the office with comedy movie posters and books for your employees to flip through.


Overall, make it fun and light. Life is not about working, it is about living.

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    kevin Wednesday, 05 October 2011

    I know bosses and managers are under a lot of pressure to produce reslts and turn a profit, I know because I own a company, but I always try to make everyday fun or unstressful for my employees. We're a small company so we have close work relationships with one another. We eat lunch together, every now and then have an office potluck and celebrate the birthdays. No one wants to walk into an office of the living dead or the nightmare boss from hell. That's what cause high employee turnovers even in bad economies like the current one people at least want to be able to like their jobs and it generally starts with the boss's personality. Uptight bosses are nobody's favorite.

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