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What It's Like Being Married to a Mom in Business


Mom in Business

Every week loyal readers visit Erookie to get the latest startup business tips from Wade or Priya. Most times the posts are targeted to small business owners and startup entrepreneurs in general, but every now and then we throw something specifically focus at women or moms in business. For those who follow us here or on social media, you recognize right away whose hand pened those words. It must be Priya if it's about women in business. Let's just say I'm a startup business expert, but I'm a man, so therefore I'm not qualified to give tips about moms and women in business.


I am however qualified to talk about being a stay at home dad and small business ceo while being married to a mom in business. Priya Nembhard is my version of the busy mom in business. It's pretty amazing to see her in action on a daily basis. Though she give me much credit as a source of inspiration to jumpstart her inner entrepreneur, I can honestly say I get much of my drive nowadays from watching her juggle three different hats.  As active co-owner of our web design firm Little Blue Box LLC she handles marketing and prioritize new client acquisitions. As Cofounder and active business partner of the EDGE (Early Development of Global Education) she handles strategic partnerships, business networking, and followup visitations and phone calls to schools, companies, and individual to help grow her company. However, the one thing that amazes me most is how she prioritizes time to commute our children back and forth to school on a daily basis.


I can honestly say though my wife's a super busy mom in business, our children never feel like they have absentee parents. We both pledge to make business important, but to keep family our top priority. I consider most moms running small businesses to be amazing human beings, but I consider my wife a superwoman because I get a front row seat to see her in action running business. My responsibility is to be a great small business owner and dad, while giving her the business assist she needs. We've worked it out to where there's never a conflict as to which of our businesses get the most attention. We've learned to put equal focus into both to help them grow successfully.


I never set out to marry a homemaker, but I saw my wife went from 9 to 5 wage slave, to stay at home mom, to mom in business. She hasn't stopped since and I doubt she ever will. Her business story and experience influence and inspire other moms to start their own business, and also inspire me to stay driven as the guy married to her.  I observe her being confident, sexy, professional, and result oriented while keeping her cool. She can publish an article titled "Being a Bitch in Business" and get the same respect and support from readers as she gets from her post titled "Market a Funny, Honest, Sexy and Easy Startup Business." I for one find that amazing.


Being a responsible mom is challenging enough, but being a mom in business can be even more challenging and financially rewarding from what I've noticed being married to one.

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    Leena McRite Monday, 07 November 2011

    Awww not many men can say that about their woman and sound so sincere....;)

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    Marleny Menendez Tuesday, 08 November 2011

    The women's right movement has certainly com a long way since they first got the right to vote and work. It's nice to have a good balance of June Cleaver and Oprah Winfrey. It just shows that with these small business ceo moms, you don't have to give up a career for family and a family for your career. It's possible to do both with a little help of course.;)

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