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Signs You're A Hated B.O.S.S. (Big Overbearing Selfish Stiff)

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Signs of a Hated Boss

Name the most notoriously bad TV bosses. Scheming Mr Burns from The Simpsons perhaps, or maybe cheapo Mr Krabs from the Spongebob cartoon. Are you the walking dictionary of a rotten B.O.S.S? The one who's cutthroatness and spitefullness you can smell from the moon. I'm a boss as one of the founding members of EDGE (Early Development of Global Education). I hire and work with interns, but I make sure they leave both me and my company with a great lasting impression. No one I know wants to work for a bad boss.

If your leadership tactics create dread, fear, and stomach churning episodes in your shop then you might be a B.O.S.S. of the torrid kind. Let me explain the bad B.O.S.S. acronym - Big Overbearing Selfish Stiff. What are the signs you're the dreaded startup boss?  Would you even admit to being one if singled out? Let's hope so, but if you're grossly denying your rotten-bossness on your mother's grave, here are a few signs to give you a wakeup call.

You might be a bad B.O.S.S. if:

You keep egging on subordinates to do borderline illegal work activities against their will. No boss is squeaky clean, but forcing an employee to dable in suspect activities both online on off for your business benefit is just inconsiderate and wrong. Single-handedly put your own neck on the line and not theirs.

You're a Blame Deflector

If you always make your employees scapegoats for any negative results from poor business campaigns or marketingefforts. When things go wrong in your business regularly, comon sense should tell you accountability starts at the top. You hired your people or hired someone else to hire them. You get weekly or monthly reports and still you can't see the holes in your decision making. if the captain's clueless how to steer his ship, he deserves to go down with it, but not you. Somehow you find every means possible to justify your obliviousness. Shame on you.


You're untrustworthy and scheming

Bad bosses often don't trust anybody. You hire a staff, but think it best to have a magnifying glass over every staffer's shoulder. Nothing's off limits. You're uncomfortably serious and perceive the slightest strange move an employee makes as descention or treason.Tthis sparks the prememptive act to hit 'em before they hit you, why so hostile and serious? My previous posts describes the serious and uptight boss and how not to be one. If you're constantly scheming and drafting contingency plans to destoy your employees you might be a bad boss. That's equivalent to TV's "The Simpsons" boss Mr Burns who's always spying and scheming to eliminate or undermine his nuclear plant staff just in case of anything. So much energy is wasted on plotting and paranoia that you forget your real mission, to run a successful business with happy employees.


Greed is and has always been your middle name.

The fictional stock market broker Gordon Gekko said "Greed for lack of a better word is good." You might have taken that quote a little too much to heart. It's true that the more you produce workwise, the more you'll earn or see in profits. This is the business law of productivity. If however money is your only objective by any means necessary, people won't mean much to you. Neither will the very business you run. In the end both are merely a mechanism to make money, not much different from illegal drug trafficking or a hitman for hire. Business morals and people's well being just don't  matter to you.


You never show up for work

Well what's the point of being a boss if you never go to work. It's a wise move to hire other people to get things done, but you still have to show your face every so often to instill pride and appreciation into your employees. If you have a people phobia then the position of mountain delling hermit is always open. Your staff needs to see their leader at the helm. It's also very suspicious and questionable when the people you hire are simply beautiful but incompetent. No matter how good-looking your managerial staff is, your face is the one that matters most. It's in your best interest to make regular appearances to promote employee loyalty and trust, but then again we're talking about bad bosses so that's not a top priority here.


You're a serial yelling machine

Ever met one of those bosses who seem they never got hugged as a baby? I'm sure you have. My husband had the displeasure of having one in his 14 years of 9 to 5 work. When the serial yelling boss is around, the megaphone is forced to retire. Your above decibel also put umpires and referees to shame in a shouting match. Communication is an alien concept to you. If you feel yelling and loud threats is your only means to get your employees attention or force them into subjection, you might be a rotten B.O.S.S.


Let's hope you clean up your act of being a terrible business head. No one wants to be dubbed the rotten boss, or maybe in a strange twisted way you do. Whatever sense that makes, no one else seem to be getting it.


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  • Guest
    cole Monday, 07 May 2012

    I found this post pretty funny as I have a boss who might be a suitable candidate for this description. Sometimes I wonder why he even bother to get up out of bed in the morning. A very lazy and could care less guy. It's a miracle the company is still afloat but it might be because of some great managers thank god or else I might not have a job right now. Good exceptional bosses are rare. Too many mean, mediocre, or just plain greedy ones out there.

  • Guest
    trevor Monday, 07 May 2012

    It's tough being someone's boss. Unless you make a great first impression or has a great reputation to begin with, people who work for you will come to work in fear everyday. Rotten bosses are cause for high turnovers at many companies especially when the economy is good. Right now employees tolerate them because jobs are slim pickings but give it a while and everyone boldly tell their a-hole bosses to stick it where the sun don't shine.

  • Guest
    celesteTex972 Tuesday, 08 May 2012

    Oh my god where do I start when it pertain to bad bosses. For starters I've had quite a few of them working in the customer service industry. It's a high pressure field where you're pushed to meet monthly quotas. I have to help sell popular magazine subscriptions and deal with customer inquiries at the same time. My bosses are the worst. Because they get enormous pressure from the top they put enormous pressure on me and others like me. They often even recommend underhanded tactics to trick customers into paying for more subscriptions or changing their current plan to something more expensive. If you don't meet your quotas you're threatened with termination. Then there's the constant phone monitoring and managers who walk around literally watching you from corners as if we don't notice them. Lots of horrible bosses in sales and customer service.

  • robert mcfreenison
    robert mcfreenison Tuesday, 08 May 2012

    Who wants a rotten boss, certainly nobody I know. I do like that acronym however. Overbearingness and selfishness are definitely two of the major qualities of a bad boss. I gave up trying to work for other people a long time ago. There was just never satisfaction in doing it, especially noticing how certain bosses treat you like an expendable item and flaunt there authority like they're better than you. I enjoy working for myself knowing that I'm building something that I like and doing something I really want to do as opposed to being told what to do.

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